Installation Instructions


Step 1:  MEASURE FIRST and affix the template. Use the 3/32” drill bit to drill the six screw holes.

Step 2:  With the 2-1/4” hole saw attached to your power drill, drill the two large holes. The best speed for drilling with a hole saw is slow to medium. Use the centering marks on the template to locate the proper centering of holes.

Step 3:  Align the newly drilled holes with the mounting plate holes in the ductwork.

Step 4:  With the six screws, attach the mounting plate to the ductwork.

Step 5:  Remove the unit from the box and carefully install the bulbs. Avoid touching the glass with your hands. Snap the bulbs into brackets, and firmly slide bulbs down into sockets. Be sure to push bulbs all the way down! Holding the unit with two hands carefully slide bulbs into the large holes and line the thumb screws with the four pins on the mounting plate. Tighten the thumb screws until the unit is firmly attached to the mounting plate.

“I first tried the product to try to alleviate a stuffed nose problem noticeable upon arising. I would make the 100 foot walk to retrieve the morning paper and my nose would clear. Since trying your product I no longer awake with a stuffed nose. I recently ordered new bulbs because I was awaking with a stuffed nose. I installed the new bulbs and no longer have the problem. PS: Your installation is the simplest and easiest I have seen.”
– Sincerely, G. A. O’Neill

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