One BreatheCLEAN unit purifies an entire home

Our flagship product is the BreatheCLEAN Total Home Air Purifier. It uses the power of pure ultraviolet light to kill airborne micro-organisms such as germs, bacteria and mold.

It attaches to the home's central ventilation system and continually cleans the air as the air is circulating. This product can give you and your family freedom from allergies, asthma and sinus symptoms and keep you healthier throughout your lives.

Cost: You can have Total Home Air Purification for far less money than you think! The price will vary depending on installation and where you purchase.


How it works

The BreatheCLEAN total home ultraviolet air purification system easily installs into your existing ductwork. As air passes by the powerful 36 watt ultraviolet bulbs, ultraviolet energy literally destroys almost all disease-causing organisms in the air. No competing model offers more effective purification than our standard unit. Two 36 watt bulbs deliver large amounts of very high intensity germ-killing ultraviolet energy.

This is not a new technology

In fact, this is the same technology that was behind the 1903 Nobel Prize for Medicine, because of its ability to destroy tuberculosis. Ultraviolet light has been widely used since the 1930’s in a variety of industries including surgical instrument sterilization, food packaging and processing, post offices, hot tubs, restaurants and water purification.

Product Specs

Specs image

Casing Dimensions: 9.75" x 5.75" x 2"
Amps: .068
Electrical: 110 volts, 72 watts, 0.6 amps
Ballast: Digital, with universal input voltage
Bulbs: 2 Bulbs protrude 16" (or 9" into ductwork)
Wavelength: 253.7 nanometers
Cord Length: 10 feet
Warranty: Five year on purifier; six months on bulbs
Maintenance: Replace bulbs annually
(Bulb specifications)


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