Client Testimonials

“We are so pleased with the results of the BreatheCLEAN product. We have a toddler and preschooler who attend various preschool and activity classes with other kids, and I'm always concerned about the next bug or flu that they're going to bring into the household.  But this year has been the exception, we didn't have a single episode of cold or flu ever since we installed the BreatheCLEAN product last fall. And my wife has noticed relief from the constant throat-clearing she used to have to do. Thank you for bringing this change into our home.”
– Brian and family, Minneapolis, MN

“I installed my BreatheCLEAN system and immediately noticed a difference. I can’t remember ever waking up without congestion. I haven’t been this excited about a product for at least 10 years. Every home should have a BreatheCLEAN.”
– Chris L., Bloomington, MN

"We installed a BreatheCLEAN unit and our whole family quickly saw the benefits! This product has practically eliminated our family's allergies, colds, and annoying morning sinus congestion. We are all sleeping better, waking up clear and rested, and are generally feeling better. Thank you!"
– The Thomas Family, Edina, MN

“Your service is outstanding!  Your company’s products are excellent, but most impressive is that you do what you say you’re going to do. Nowadays service like yours is hard to find. Thank you!”
– Bob Stowe, DC, Houston, TX

“Since installing the BreatheCLEAN system in our home in February of 2008 neither myself, my husband or our 10 year old daughter has been sick with anything, even a cold.  We expected that our air would be cleaner in the home, what we didn’t expect was that night time snoring would decrease so dramatically. We are breathing cleaner air and therefore are not congested as we were before. We are very happy customers.” 
– Tracie and Greg, Orillia, ON

“I installed my BreatheCLEAN about a year and a half ago and have noticed a great improvement in my Asthma symptoms and my allergies are hardly noticeable now. I sleep through the night and haven’t had a cold since I installed it. It’s a pleasure to recommend BreatheCLEAN.” 
– Carolyn B., Madison, WI

“I first tried the product to try to alleviate a stuffed nose problem noticeable upon arising. I would make the 100 foot walk to retrieve the morning paper and my nose would clear. Since trying your product I no longer awake with a stuffed nose. I recently ordered new bulbs because I was awaking with a stuffed nose. I installed the new bulbs and no longer have the problem. PS: Your installation is the simplest and easiest I have seen.”
– Sincerely, G. A. O’Neill

“I already have indoor air quality products in my home but I added the BreatheCLEAN UV and it made a real difference in the way I feel!”
– Jean Y., Minneapolis, MN

“I have a story to tell about a very obvious effect of the BreatheCLEAN unit. My daughter in law is very allergic to cats and every time she comes to my son’s house she has to load up on Benadryl and still ends up sneezing within a few minutes and very rarely can she stay for more than an hour. After we installed the unit, I told her not to take the medication next time she came over so we can test the unit. When she came over she was at the house for more than an hour and still had not sneezed once. When we were leaving we stood in the breezeway (where the cat spends a lot of his time) for a few minutes saying goodbye when it started… she sneezed at least five times in the next few minutes. That proves to me that the unit works for cat allergens! Thank you for introducing me to the BreatheCLEAN!”
– Connie Richter, MN

“The BreatheCLEAN unit has truly changed my life, and my FAMILY's life.  I no longer SNORE, I SLEEP ALL NIGHT, my face is not all PUFFY...especially my EYES, my sinuses are CLEAR, I can BREATHE thru my nose...I actually  forgot that one COULD breathe without having your mouth open, I do not have to blow my nose 4X/hour during the day...remember now, this is with DAILY allergy medication.  I am curious to see what my high blood pressure does. I just feel SO much better.  I can only PRAY that others get the same relief.

p.s. I have a medical background and I gave up on my allergies after sinus reconstruction, uvuloplasty and many different trials of medications.  In fact, I gave up on my practice, I am just so frustrated with...'Hey, we have a pill for that'...when it really fixes NOTHING.”
-Jim, Sioux Falls, SD

“For many years I suffered with severe allergies. On January 9, 2001, I was diagnosed by an asthma and allergy doctor as having asthma. A battery of tests was given to me and it was determined that mold was the main trigger setting in motion asthma and allergy attacks. Seven different medicines were prescribed to help me cope. However, I continued to be susceptible to infections and attacks of asthma.  In May of 2005 a BreatheClean Air Purifier was installed in our furnace by Pat Oberlin one of the owners of Sporoco Inc, located in Snyder Co. Pa. The BreatheClean System continually kills mold, spores, cold germs, viruses, dust mites, bacteria and other common airborne micro-organisms in homes. After installation I became aware of such an improvement that I was reluctant to leave home and to go into other environments. I could definitely tell a difference. But a visit to my asthma doctor on Aug. 29, 2005 was the clincher that the new device was helping. Doctor "Betty" walked into my waiting room and asked me "What are you doing different? Your peak flow is nearly normal!" Thank you BreatheClean Air Purifiers!”
- Reta Thornbury, PA

“We were non-believers until we tried a system – Besides, what did we have to lose?  No one wants to believe they have germs or mold in their house, surely not us! To our amazement, this product actually works. It only took three days in our house for us to see results. We were most amazed by our son’s improved health conditions. Our son, Patrick (seven years old), was on four medications because of asthma and allergies. He had always needed to have two pillows to prop him up to help him sleep at night and to prevent him from coughing. After installing the UV light system, we noticed a difference in his sleep patterns. He can lay flat on his bed with a normal pillow, he does not cough anymore and he can sleep through the night without problems. The air just seems lighter.  Two months after the installation of the system, we went back to Patrick’s asthma specialist. Even his doctor was surprised as to how much Patrick’s lung capacity had gone up. The doctor was able to take our son off three of the four medications he was using. Cleaner air in the house made a difference by killing the bacteria and mold growth in our house. This was surely the cause of our son’s health issues. This product has changed our son’s life and has given him the chance to live out a healthy and happy childhood. For this we are grateful. What a special difference and HUGE impact you have made in our household. I hope others become believers as we have.”
- Fred and Dawn – Andover, MN

“It has been one month since the BreatheCLEAN System was installed in our residence. The first day I arrived home from work, I immediately noticed the freshness and difference of the air in our home! These past weeks have definitely decreased my sinusitis, and episodes of sneeze attacks. My husband, an asthmatic, has surely benefited from this improved air quality. He has decreased the frequency of inhalant use, sleeps better, and wakes up less congested in his throat. He has actually been able to increase his activity level around the home without triggering an asthma episode. The allergy reduction in our air has given us a healthier home environment, and has alleviated the respiratory maladies we have experienced in the past. I strongly recommend the BreatheCLEAN Air Purification System for anyone experiencing allergy discomfort in their home.”
- Judy F - Minneapolis, MN



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"I've suffered with my sinuses most of my life. I have tried a lot of different products and solutions in search of relief, from surgery, to purchasing over the years various air purification systems. I must tell you, that your Air Purification System is absolutely wonderful. For the first time since I was a kid, I wake up feeling rested and without the annoying headaches and congestion that I've become accustomed too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Frank J Schiebler, Roselle Park, NJ